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Fall 2022
Grandparents’ Day
  • News

Article: Katie Pieper ’24
Photography: Sydney Drinan ’25 & Campbell Hudkins ’25

Suffield students welcomed their grandparents to campus for a wonderful and exciting grandparents’ day. The day began with students greeting their grandparents in Brewster lobby and enjoying breakfast together.

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Community Charity: Help Hope Live
  • Features

Article: Sara Broad ’23
Photography: Sydney Drinan ’25

Suffield has many annual traditions that all students and faculty love to be a part of that helps to raise money for each charity, like color wars, the charity gala and many more. This year, seniors Kira McCreesh and Natziri Martinez stole the hearts of Suffield with their charity: Help Hope Live.

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Close-up of Dish Crew
  • Editorials

Article & Photography: Logan Lee ’23

The sound that fills the back of the kitchen and even the entire dining hall comes from the dish crew. People who are not on the dish crew only know a glimpse of what it entails but have not seen the close-up of the whole story.

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River Blast
  • Features

Article: Noreen Flanagen ’25
Photo/Video: Sophie Lawry’25

The whitewater rafting trip is a superb coming of age for the sophomore tigers, and like tigers before them, the students gained new friends, leadership skills, and a great weekend that has set the mood for the remainder of the year.

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Field Hockey
  • Sports

Article: Bridget Hausler ’24
Photography: Campbell Hudkins ’25

The varsity field hockey boasts a 7-5 record and believes it can end the season on a winning note. The keys to the Tigers’ success have been a stingy defense with an explosive offense. The team has had four shutouts this year and is averaging over three goals per game.

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J.V. Boys’ Soccer
  • Sports

Article: Will Kim ’23
Photography: Chidinma Esielem ’23

With nine new members on the team compared to the previous year, the JV Soccer team has proven many doubters wrong. The team has shown remarkable teamwork and significant impact of the value the Suffield Academy tigers share: respect for others, hard work, honor, and kindness.

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SA Ceramics
  • Visual Arts

Article & Photography: Chidinma Esielem ’23

“It’s the messiest place on campus” are often the words Mrs. C uses to describe the ceramics studio. And it’s true.

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  • Poetry

Chidinma Esielem ’23

Thoughts on 12/6/21... I am in a con [you know the word]. I am stuck between an AP Physics exam and an English teacher who hates men on the last page of The Awakening [I am a man]. -undrum? Conundrum? ...

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